29. July -

5. August 2023.

The summer holidays have seen worldwide acclaimed teachers, all former pupils of Predrag Stanković, spend their time sharing their knowledge and experience with the pupils of Music schools of the region. To date we had the pleasure to host following teachers on the Summer camp: Predrag Stanković, Denis Azabagić, Dejan Ivanović, Boris Tešić and Sanel Redžić, the project´s initiator in 2016.
Summer Camp PrSt has continued to grow, became a yearly event with a beautiful story and a constant growth of satisfied participants. As a particular highlight we have the 2019. Edition where 4 teachers and 28 participants had a hugely successfull week, inclusive the creation of a guitar orchestra under the tutilage of B. Tesic.
Omladinski Art Centar has been formed in 1996 with a goal to help young people get involved with music. Under it´s activities OAC highlights education and work with young people as it´s most important, as well as concert and event hosting. The OAC, as the legal entity, has been the organiser and executive host of the Summer guitar Camp "PrSt" since the beginning. In 2023. we are in process of delivering the 7th edition of the Camp.

On the following Website You will find information about the beautiful location and the Hotel: Hotel Zlača